OLED, Teknologi Lampu LED Terbaru

OLED—-Organic Light-Emitting Diode,also known as OELD(Organic Electroluminesence Display).The OLED Luminescence and Display technology is different from the traditional LCD technology, no backlight, coated with very thin organic materials and glass substrates, these organic materials will luminance once inputting current. And the OLED display can be made thinner and lighter, larger visible angle, and eminently save the energy.

Features of OLED and applications

Features: Thin, Durable, Portable, Instant Start-up, wide range of working temperature; Low driving voltage, low energy consumption.
Applications: Decoration, Normal lighting, Medical and Industrial lighting, Automobile, Display Board, Billboard, etc.

Future of OLED

OLED lighting, a new generation of lighting technology after LED.

OLED achieve a breakthrough from one dimension of light source (point light source, line light source) to two dimension of light source (area light source).

Shanghai Hongyuan actively cooperates with researching institutions such as Fudan University and East China University of Science and Technology to research and design OLED light source, which is applicable for commercial lighting, and we are trying to be the first company to lead our customers into the era of area light source.

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