Ready stock !!!!Lampu jalan LED dengan teknologi Philips Lumiled 115 watt cocok untuk jalan tol, lokasi pabrik

Ready stock lampu LED hemat energy 115 watt cocok untuk lampu di jalan tol.

Hubungi : 085336886677 

Hadir di Indonesia dengan teknologi Philips Lumiled SPL – 96 (115 watt) setara dengan 250 watt lampu mercury. Kami menghadirkan lampu hemat energy dengan desain yang unik di optic sehingga memberikan pancaran cahaya yang maksimal sehingga menghasilkan cahaya yang maksimal.

Benefit lampu LED Philips Lumiled

  • More than 70% energy saving
  • 4×6 LED module design, convenient for maintenance
  • Original American CREE LED or Philips Lumileds LED used
  • Universal input voltage: AC 85-264V/277V
  • Light control and time-phase dimming, saving further energy
  • High quality power supply, reliable and stable
  • Automatically reduce current against overheating temperature
  • Unique optical design & rectangular beam, suitable for roadway illumination
Average lllumination & Effective Area 8M  Height 26m×10m ≥32LUX
10M  Height 33m×13m ≥21LUX
12M  Height 40m×16m ≥14LUX

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