Lampu LVD jenis Tunel


No. i-06-503
Category              : Tunnel light
Light Source         : Smart Dragon
Dimension            : 630x435x300
Protection Class   : IP65
Weight: 11KG(ReferenceOnly)
Material                : Impacting resistant extrusion aluminum body,static spraying surface treatment technology,high effiency mirror surface Alu reflector,and tempered glass
Applications          : Tunnel, Underground roads,Urban underground projects
Product Features


1、Impacting resistant extrusion aluminum body
2、static spraying surface treatment technology, and high temperature resistant and good weather resistant performance, beautiful and durable.
3、Imported mirror surface aluminum reflector, high reflectivity ensures the high output of luminous flux.
4、The luminaire can be opened on two sides, easy for installation
5、High intensity glass, high light transmission and impacting resistant
6、New type silicon rubber sealing ring ensure the aging resistant of silicon rubber
7、Match high power light sources
8、Match LVD Smart Dragon series lamp



Series Category Luminous Flux Visible Flux Tube Dimension Rated Wattage
Smart Dragon i-WJY200JW1 16000 28000~30000 400x148x110 200W
Smart Dragon i-WJY300JW1 26000 45000~48000 500x152x110 300W


Model Operating voltage Current Power Factor Operating Temperature Basic Frequency
i-WJ120/60-200DJF 90-150V 1.80A 0.98 -35~50℃ 210kHz
i-WJ220/50-200DJF 175-265V 0.98A 0.98 -25~50℃ 225kHz
i-WJ220/50-300DJF 175-265V 1.47A 0.98 -25~50℃ 225kHz
i-WJ277/60-200DJF 230-305V 0.78A 0.98 -25~50℃ 225kHz
i-WJ347/60-200DJF 305-382V 0.62A 0.98 -25~50℃ 225kHz

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